The ninth issue of APEC Sports Newsletter was published on December 13th

In today's society, sport has become an indispensable part of city development worldwide, with numerous international sports events held around the world every year. Each economy has developed its own sports that are suited to development in line with its climate and culture. Thus, attracting tourists to participate In sports would be the key task for the economies around the world.

In this issue, we will examine in depth the popular outdoor sports of 5 APEC economies, namely Malaysia, the Philippines, Chinese Taipei, Thailand and Viet Nam, and how each economy uses its climate, terrain and cultural advantages to drive sport tourism and attract local and foreign tourists to visit and also engage in outdoor sports; the keys to attracting athletes for off-site training in winter will also be discussed.

To give APEC Sports Newsletter readers a better understanding of sports events, information related to events including Fun Sports TW: Featured 12 International Events, the sustainability concept and environmental friendliness of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Sportcal's GSI Cities Index 2018, Tokyo's 2019 Smart Cities & Sport Summit and the International Conference for Adaptations and Nutrition in Sports in 2020 (ICANS 2020) is presented in this issue.

As technology develops vibrantly, sports events are gradually combining with technology; the final section brings new sports technology innovations and trends, the content touching on the linking of sports technology and the new blockchain technology. We will also see how the teams of SPIN Accelerator TW 2nd cycle have aligned with world sports technology, interviewing the 2 founders of MeetAgile who discuss the difficulties in starting their business and future outlook.

As sport becomes more popular globally, Forbes magazine has pointed out that the sports industry has had the highest growth of any industry in recent year. The sports should develop in accordance with the geographical advantages of each economy to attract people from overseas and locals to visit in the off-peak period. Thus, it will bring in substantial tourism revenue and achieve a win-win situation. It is hoped that this issue of newsletter can give readers deeper viewpoints and inspire innovative ideas.

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