The seventh issue of APEC Sports Newsletter was published on May 7

Entering its 3rd year, APEC Sports Newsletter continually follows on the sport-related matters. In the 7th edition, we will explore sports tourism and the potential changes it has on city marketing and human resource development.

Combined with sports and traveling, sports tourism is said to bring beneficial impacts on local economy and attention to the city. Ascending to its place of being the most desired, sports tourism is actively applied and strived by cities around the world. Every city wishes to be the host of a sports event; it's a method a city can use to market itself to the world. Additionally, sports tourism also creates job opportunities for relevant industries in the local area as well as establishes a more systematic process for future sports events. Not to mention, the newly constructed sports facilities would become sustainable assets the city possesses. By looking at the benefits that come with, sports tourism may just be the force in economic growth every city seeks.

This issue includes articles from APEC economies such as Japan; Malaysia; the Philippines; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; and Viet Nam, comprising strategies and implementation plans for developing sports tourism in cities. Sportcal, the leading authority in sports marketing, also shares an assessment report on impacts of global sports events. Meanwhile, articles on 2019 SportAccord Convention, Smart Cities and Sport Summit 2018 and 50th Anniversary of International Children's Games are also included. Furthermore, this issue's newly opened "Sports Innovation Accelerating" column shares the results of Asia's 1st sports accelerator—SPIN Accelerator TW and introduces the startup teams involved in its 1st training cycle. In the future, we will continue to update sports innovation movements and bring the latest information to our readers. In hopes of pushing economic development and urban renewal, governments from around the world strategize the implementation of sports tourism. So far, all attempts have resulted in varying levels of success. We hope, through the extracts and information shared in this newsletter, readers can benefit by gaining a preliminary understanding on economic benefits along with impacts brought forth by major sports events and tourism, thus, uncovering more methods for a sustainable growth in sports tourism and begin a new chapter in the development history of their respective cities and economies.

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