The sixth issue of APEC Sports Newsletter was published on November 2

The hosting of major sporting events is an epic quest to realize the athletes' dreams and a lavish banquet that expresses friendship, enthusiasm, and vigor. Great management on the part of sporting event personnel both increases the efficiency of event planning and organization and achieves sustainable development through promotion and marketing.

In this issue of the APEC Sports Newsletter, we will focus on the cultivation of professional behind-the-scenes personnel in major sporting events and their specialized skills. Starting from the summary report of the "2018 APEC Workshop on Developing Sports Professionals for Mega Games" and the policies that Indonesia; Malaysia; the Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Viet Nam and Chinese Taipei employ to cultivate professionals to handle sporting events.

We shall also introduce our readers to the first sports startup accelerator in Asia, developed by National Chiao Tung University and HYPE Sports Innovation, the global trailblazer in launching sports startups. This issue additionally features a special report on the development and operation of Japan's sports tourism industry, an introduction to the operating model of Thailand's National Sports Development Fund, and the latest updates on Japan's Host Town Initiative for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Through the various reports and introductions in this newsletter, we hope our readers can acquire a comprehensive understanding of the topic of talent cultivation in major sporting events, and that they can draw from these pages a range of experience and perspectives, utilizing their collective wisdom and strength to further innovate the talent development process for sporting events, and ensuring the smooth-running organization of future major international events and the promotion of international harmony and friendship.

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